Orangutans in Borneo

See orangutans in Borneo is unforgettable, and Borneo is actually one of only two places left (the other is Sumatra) in the world to see endangered orangutans. The word orangutan means “forest people” in Bahasa Malay; that is exactly what these extremely intelligent primates are.

The orangutans have even been known to use complex tools, exchange gifts, and learn sign language. Unfortunately, these amazing animals are disappearing quickly. If planning to visit Borneo, seeing orangutans in the wild should be a priority!

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Kinabatangan River Kinabatangan River

Taking a cruise on the Kinabatangan River in Sabah is an excellent way to find endangered wildlife.

Rainforest Discovery Centre Rainforest Discovery Centre

The RDC in Sabah, Borneo is a cheap, easy way to learn more about the birds, plants, and animals of the rainforest.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The easiest and cheapest way to encounter orangutans in Sarawak.

Kubah National Park Kubah National Park

Home of the Matang Wildlife Centre, orangutans, and a newly-discovered carnivore!