Wildlife in Borneo

Borneo Travel Guide

Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysian Borneo are bursting with adventure, culture, and endangered species!

Use this Borneo travel guide for backpackers to save money and know what to expect.

Sarawak Borneo

Less crowded than Sabah, Sarawak is a nature lover's dream come true. Find the real Borneo adventure in Sarawak where the tour companies don't run the show yet!

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Borneo Longhouse Stay Borneo Longhouse Stay

Learn about staying in an Iban longhouse in Sarawak, Borneo.

How to Remove a Leech How to Remove a Leech

How to remove a leech the right way. Squeezing it off can cause serious infections.

Shark Fin and Bird’s Nest Soup Shark Fin and Bird’s Nest Soup

11,400 sharks die per hour to make non-nutritious shark’s fin soup. Read the facts before you decide to try it!

Seafood in Borneo Seafood in Borneo

The seafood in Borneo is fresh, cheap, and delicious. Read about umai – a local, raw fish salad.

Borneo Food Borneo Food

A list of famous Borneo food dishes to try on your trip.

Sarawak Food Sarawak Food

What to expect for food, deserts, and drinks while traveling in Sarawak.

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